1.) How do I qualify for help?

You must be a bonafide resident of Henry County, Ky and have proper identification to verify. You must also have a need for help.

2.) Do I need proof of income?

No, You will not be means tested.

3.) Can I come in and get help whenever you are open? 

No, Once a week (normally Friday afternoon) We pre-register households and you will be given and appointment. The Henry County local lists when we pre-register.

4.) What if I can’t come to sign up?

Your minister is able to do emergency sign-ups. Contact him directly.

5.) Can I get help with clothing?

Yes, You can receive a voucher to receive clothing at the Agape shop in LaGrange or you can go to the Presbyterian Church in Eminence.

6.) What types of toiletries can I get help with?

Toilet paper, toothpaste & brushes, deodorant, shampoo, child and adult diapers, soap, female hygiene products, razors, shaving cream, dental floss etc. All of these items are “as available.”

7.) What kind of food can I get?

We give out different fresh produce, all types of frozen meat, i.e. steak, roast, brisket, ribs, chops, chicken, hamburger. We provide all types of canned goods. We also provide peanut butter, dry cereal, pasta, snacks, juices, soda’s, water etc. Whatever you can find at Walmart, Kroger or Meijers  we have it at different times.

8.) What if I can’t come in to the Eminence “Henry County Help Center” on Thursdays between 11:30-5:30 pm because I work?

You may schedule an appointment at any of the locations below.

1st Friday of the month – Port Royal Baptist Church – John & Amber Inscore Essick – (502) 947-5892

2nd Friday of the month – Drennon Christian Church – Rev. Corey Beaty – (502) 541-0296

3rd Friday of the month – Sulphur Christian Church – Rev. Jeff Maggard – (502) 544-6946

4th Friday of the month – Lockport Baptist Church – Rev. Paul Briscoe – (502) 750-1185

4th Saturday of the month – Franklinton Baptist Church – Jacky Newton – (502) 640-5614

(You may only visit one distribution center per month)

 You may call Joe Durbin 502-777-0970 (Henry County Help Center Director)

9.) How often can I get help?

Each household is limited to help once a month.

10.) Can someone else pick-up for me?

If you are home-bound, special arraignments can be made with the Director of the Henry County Help Center.

11.) How do I volunteer?

Call the Henry County Help Center Director  (Joe Durbin) 502-777-0970 in Emminence, Ky.

Drennon Christian Church – Rev. Corey Beatty (502) 541-0296

Port Royal Baptist Church – John & Amber Inscore Essick – (502) 947-5892

Sulphur Christian Church – Rev. Jeff Maggard – (502) 544-6946

Lockport Baptist Church – Contact Rev, Paul Briscoe (502) 750-1185

Franklinton Baptist Church – Rev. Jacky Newton – (502) 640-5614

12.) How do I donate food and toiletries?

You can drop them off at the Center when we are open or you may drop them off at one of the many collection points. Our current collection locations are – Immaculate Conception Catholic Church (LaGrange), Nationwide Fencing (Pendleton), Sheriffs Office (NewCastle),  Providence Baptist Church (Bedford), All United Citizens Bank branches, Berea Christian Church, Drennon Christian Church, Sharps Grocery.

13.) How do I donate money?

You can send a check or money order to the Help Center at PO Box 194 New Castle, KY 40050 or you can put the check or money order in the money collection box at any United Citizens Bank. You may also donate through PayPal by going to the donate tab and using your credit / debit card. Please DO NOT ever send cash by mail.

You may also donate company stock and you may also leave a gift to the Help Center in your will.

Many employers will match employee donations so please check with your pay officer or personnel office for details.