Residents who need assistance with food, toiletries and clothing come into the Henry County Help Center located at 4844 N. Main street, Eminence Ky to fill out an application for benefits. During the application process food allergies, medical issues, family size and ages of beneficiaries are documented to determine the specific benefits available. Each household approved is given a specific appointment time to receive their benefits and during each following visit they will be given an appointment for their next benefit meeting. When the family arrives for their appointment they meet with a help center representative to sign for their aid package and the help center representative will assist them with carrying items to their vehicle. The typical amount of time needed to process the benefit package for a family is ten minutes.

People work hard and try their best to care for themselves &  their families. We are able to bridge the gap for these households by stretching their budget for a week to ten days during their most trying times of the month. For those on Social Security and disability, we are able to help them receive a nutritious and balanced diet and basic hygiene requirements when they run out of money.